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Frustrated with hosting options, confessed geeks Tim Hibbard and Dan Dreifort spent much time complaining to each other about the sad state of web hosting. Cries of, "Why do they put so many users on a single server?!" and, "Can't they provide a quality service without overcharging?" were eventually replaced by exclamations of, "Hey, we could build a reliable host and do it right!" And so they did.

CalicoHosting.com was born in 2007 in the hills just ever so slightly east of Athens Ohio. But naturally, we keep our equipment in a secure data center far, far away from these peaceful connectivity-challenged hills.

Tim HibbardTim Hibbard is the ace system programmer for Ohio University's Office of Research where his skills installing and managing servers earned him the nickname of Mr. Totally Awesome.

Dan Dreifort or Brad Pitt?Dan Dreifort is a freelance IT/SEO/usability consultant. Though his skills have earned him no similarly nifty nicknames, his statuesque jaw line and distinguished brow regularly cause him to be mistaken for Brad Pitt.