Acceptable Use Policy & Terms of Service Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Terms of Service (TOS)

All customers are bound to the following mantra by using services. is made for geeks, by geeks. If you're not a geek or don't have one on staff, we're likely not the host for you. Instead of hiring throngs of half-helpful offshore customer support agents or otherwise dumping resources into the deep pit of support, we've designed a reliable, high-availability hosting environment. If you're tired of your feature-poor unreliable hosting but aren't a geek, we are able to recommend geeks. The friendly, smart crew at Eden Marketing employ best practices and they're affordable.

The following actions are prohibited on all accounts:

  • Sending mass unsolicited email
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to any system
  • Originating or participating in any illegal activity including but not limited to DOS attacks, data interception, etc.
  • Anything violating federal law
  • Running daemons
  • running or hosting scripts with errors and or loops etc. or even worse, viruses etc.
  • Bugging your representative with questions to which a geek would know the answer. may terminate any account at any time for any reason, so behave.

Billing and Such
All accounts are paid in advance with credit or debit cards. All accounts are billed yearly in advance. or its authorized reseller will email billing statements and auto-bill credit cards approximately ten days before accounts are due.

Usage charges (Overage)
Calico bills in arrears for excess bandwidth and other metered account aspects. You agree to pay for such services and any bandwidth you use in excess of, you know, what you've ordered already (see our published pricing.) If to avoid overages you prefer that we enforce hard limits on your account's transfer and other services, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Special charges not on our pricing page: Backup retrieval charges - e.g. if it's not our fault = $70/hr.

Email - if your actions cause's email servers or any Ips to be placed on a black hole list or other email filtering system you agree to pay a $150 fee the first time. Second time results in immediate termination of all services.

Delegates - you are solely responsible for all actions of any delgates to your account.

Privacy. will not convey any client personal (or otherwise) information to third parties without a subpoena. We value privacy. To that end, we never email logins or passwords. We do not keep a record of your password. Save your password in a safe place.

SLA Service Level Agreement - 99.7% uptime. We'll credit your account with TEN TIMES the prorated value of any outages exceeding 0.3% of any given month as long as the outages are: a)not isolated to your account and b)not a symptom of a greater internet outage. I.e. if it's your fault, no credit. And if throngs of people unrelated to are suffering from the same outage, then no credit. Value is determined by the monthly fee you pay only.

Limitation of liability

Neither LLC nor its employees are responsible for stuff. Well, we're responsible for some stuff, but not the sort of things a responsible business should be doing anyhow. For example, if you have really important stuff on our servers, you should back it up. That way if an earthquake swallows our servers the same day that our backup was struck by lightning, you're covered. We encourage you to treat your important data as if it's important. Never trust the ONLY copy of your business to anybody. Make backups! may revise these policies at any time with no notice other than posting them here. Let us know if you want us to tell you when we make changes.