Add an Email Address or Forward

Adding an email address or alias/forward to your domain is easy.

It only takes a minute...

  1. Log into your account
  2. Under "User Controls" select "Manage Domains."
  3. Click the plus (+) next to your domain.
  4. Click the little icon next to "manage email"
  5. Under either "Add Email Address" or "Add Forward Email" click on the little icon (person w/ a plus sign) to add an address or forward. If you hold your mouse over any icon for a moment you'll receive information about the icon.
  6. Enter the information requested. If you're setting up a new address, when choosing a password please make sure it's secure. Use at least six characters. At least one should be a number or non-letter character and no dictionary words allowed. e.g. instead of "mudpie" try "mudp13!" or use "D4n131" instead of "daniel"
  7. To forward an address to multiple people, enter their addresses separated by commas, without spaces e.g.,
  8. Click "create email" or "create forward" - That's it. You're done!
  9. To REMOVE a forward or address, just click on the red X next to it.