DNS and other info to get going

Switch your DNS at the registrar and use this other handy info to connect via SFTP. Please note, you MUST use secure FTP. Plain Jane non-secure FTP does not work with CalicoHosting.com.

DNS Info

  1. Your domain's primary DNS is ns1.calicohosting.com
  2. Secondary nameserver is ns2.calicohosting.com


  1. Use your site's IP address as the FTP server address. You can find it by logging into the CalicoHosting.com control panel and clicking on "Manage Domains." Remember to use secure SFTP and not regular FTP.
  2. Your username and password are... well, they're your username and password! We can't print them out here.
  3. You'll find a symbolic link to your domain's htdocs directory in your root directory. If you're using a program like cuteFTP or Dreamweaver etc. to connect, you'll want to be sure to put the full path to that htdocs symlink as the remote server/host's directory. e.g. if my login name is johnny, and my domain name is abcdefg.com, then I'd enter something like /home/johnny/abcdefg.com_htdocs as my remote host.