Connect with Navicat

You can always login to your control panel to use phpmyadmin, but if you'd rather use a program like Navicat, these instructions should help. Remember: You must tunnel through ssh.

Connect to your mysql database...

  1. Create a new connection named [] using your domain instead of the e.g. in brackets.
  2. The host name is "localhost" without the quotes.
  3. Enter the mysql db username and password. Find these in the control panel under Mysql Admin. Note:this is NOT your sftp/ssh login and password. Find the mysql auth information assigned by in the control panel.
  4. Go to the ssh tab and check "use ssh to tunnel."
  5. The host name/ip address is your domain's IP address. You can find it in the control panel.
  6. Enter your ssh/sftp user name and password for the tunnel.
  7. That's it. You should be able to tunnel through the ssh connection to connect to mysql via localhost. These instructions should get you through the process. If you need more help, we recommend the geeks over at Eden Marketing. They do this stuff all the time and they're ultimately affordable.