Information Needed to Setup Email

This information will allow any 50% geek to setup any email program to get your email on A Reliable Host servers. Calico recommends Thunderbird for all email needs as it's less prone to hack attacks then Outlook and um, it's just better.

Universal Email Settings

  1. Both incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers are mail.[] e.g. if your domain is, you'd enter
  2. When a mail application asks for your email address, username, login, or anything like that, you enter your ENTIRE email address. e.g. or
  3. Our servers require outgoing server (SMTP) authentication.
  4. Our servers support both TLS and SSL, but only use them if you know how. We recommend using them, but unless you're a true geek, you might have trouble getting things running smoothly using secure encryption.
  5. We recommend that you check boxes to both store mail on the remote server for 14 days and until messages are deleted from your inbox.
  6. IMAP is supported. If you're keen enough to use IMAP, we're willing to bet you can figure out how to set it up!